Abstract Painting

Untitled, ca. 1965

Artist John Hoover
(Aleut, 1919 - 2011)
Medium Oil on canvas
Dimensions 17” x 16”


John Hoover, born to a Russian-Aleut mother and Dutch father, grew up in Cordova Alaska. Hoover moved to Seattle, Washington, and studied painting under Leon Derbyshire from 1957 to 1960. His dark, abstract landscapes were inspired by his life as a fisherman in Alaska and include surrealistic elements. Both Abstract Landscape with Moon and Dark Landscape depict iceberg- like figures rendered in dark, broad, and moving brush strokes. Fascinated by Shamanism and its transformative aspects, Hoover featured these themes extensively in his cedar wood carvings. Many of his works are contemporary interpretations of Aleut stories. In the early 70s he taught wood carving at IAIA, where he worked with and was inspired by Allan Houser. His work has been exhibited internationally, including Anchorage Museum of History and Art; Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC; Museo de Bellas Artes, Buenos Aires, Argentina; and the Horniman Museum, London, England.