Mike Zillioux Medicine Horse (Akmeil-O’odham/Cheyenne/Pawnee | 1952 - 2020)

Mike Medicine Horse Zillioux was a professional artist and poet from the Gila River Indian Community in Arizona. He specialized in water-based media as well as prints and collage. Zillioux attended IAIA from 1973 to 1975, where he received an associate of fine arts degree from the Rhode Island School of Design through a special program with IAIA. He also attended classes at the California Institute of the Arts, Northern Arizona University and the United States International University. His works from the mid-1970’s explore abstract and non-objective painting and drawing techniques, focusing on color, form and symbols. His work The Day Jackson Pollock Became a Christian was created with humorous intentions and he described it as “tongue in cheek”.



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