Abstract Painting

Untitled (Abstract Figures), ca. 1964

Artist Manuelita Lovato
(Santo Domingo Pueblo, 1944 - 1999)
Medium Clay
Dimensions 19.5” x 11.5 x 5.5”


Raised in Kewa Pueblo, ceramic artist Manuelita Lovato was surrounded by a family of artists. She attended the Institute of American Indian Arts from 1962 to 1964 and graduated with a high school degree. She was then trained at IAIA in exhibition arts and ceramics with instructor Otellie Pasiyava Loloma (Hopi). After that, she went to University of Colorado, Boulder and received a certificate in museum training in 1968. Lovato served as Curator of Exhibits at the St. Joseph Museum in Missouri before she returned to IAIA in 1970 as a museum employee and museum studies instructor. Currently, she is a dedicated ceramic artist and a pottery teacher in Santa Domingo. Untitled (Abstract Figures) is a prime example of Native Modernism in 3-D form, depicting a group of human figures. The work also evokes Pueblo adobe architecture.