Abstract Painting

Untitled (Abstract Print), ca. 1945-1960

Artist Edna Massey
(Cherokee, 1913 - 1977)
Medium Woodcut on paper
Dimensions 5.25” x 7”


Edna Massey created paintings, prints and silkscreen fabric designs, and worked as an interior designer. She drew inspiration both from her own Cherokee heritage and from the work of other artists with whom she came into contact. Massey was especially interested in experimenting with modern applications of traditional Native American motifs, and did much of her work in screen prints and textiles. During her thirty-two year civil service career she worked in the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) and was responsible for the acquisition of much of the BIA’s art collection. She also served on the Indian Arts and Crafts Board in Washington, D.C. Massey promoted Native American art, established a stunning Native Art collection, and organized international traveling exhibitions.