Abstract Painting

Northwest Design, 1966

Artist Henry "Hank" Delano Gobin (Kwi Tlum Kadim)
(Tulalip/Snohomish, 1941 - 2013)
Medium Casein, tissue paper, ink pen on paper
Dimensions 18” x 22”


Born in Tulalip, Washington, Hank Gobin transferred to the Institute of American Indian Arts in 1962, where he received his high school diploma and certificate in ceramics and painting in 1965. From 1965 to 1970, Gobin attended the San Francisco Art Institute, receiving a BFA in painting. He continued his art training at Sacramento State College, completing a masters program in 1971. Both an artist and an intellectual, Gobin returned to IAIA to teach and serve as an art director until 1982. He then returned to his tribe in Washington and spent the remainder of his career serving as cultural resources manager to help his tribe with language, environmental issues, repatriation, cultural revitalization and education.