Anita Fields


Anita Fields, née Luttrell

(Osage/Muskogee Creek | 1951 - present)

Anita Fields grew up on her grandmother’s allotment in Hominy, Oklahoma. She attended IAIA from 1972 to 1974 and received a BFA from Oklahoma State University. There she developed her skills in printmaking which would later influence her clay sculpture: many of the decorations on her clay are printed onto the wet clay. Field’s use of the bright colors background with ribbon-like design allude to the ribbon work in her fabric art. Her later works on textile and ceramic works often represent her personal and cultural philosophies and address the role of women in Osage culture through abstract personal and found imagery. Her work is included in the collections of the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art; Heard Museum, Minneapolis Institute of Art, Museum of Art and Design, and the National Museum of American Indian.